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Sponge vase
Sponge vase
Marcel Wanders
Diameter 11cm

Wanders is art director and resident guru of the pioneering design firm, Moooi. The name comes from the Dutch word for "beautiful," but with an extra o for "extra beautiful," he says. Wanders started the firm to provide a haven for young designers who had challenging ideas that might otherwise be ignored. At Moooi, he and other freelance designers come up with unusual designs for everyday objects, mainly household items, that defy conventional ideas of beauty.

With this vase, a natural, farmed sponge is dipped and soaked in porcelain slip (liquid clay) which impregnates the entire form, on firing in a ceramic kiln the entire sponge is burnt away leaving a porcelain replica. Due to the exceptionally refined quality of porcelain, even the smallest detail is captured. Although through industry this piece can be produced in quantity, by using a naturally grown object each piece is different every time.