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Big Five Hunting Trophies
Big Five Hunting Trophies
Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg
Glazed Porcelain on a wooden back plate
From 1250
Elephant from August Gohring
1936, 25cm 1570
Rhino from Peter Anton von Verschaffelt
1770, 23cm 1570  
Stag from August Gohring
1939, 23cm 1250 

The most dangerous animals are now sadly becoming the most endangered ones. Nymphenburg however, are paying homage to the 'Big Five' and have tracked down five figurines from their vast archive - no small task as they have over 700 to select from - which encapsulate these animal's plight.

Now in a time when we are doing all we can to protect many animal species, it is possible to admire their beauty as captured in these remarkably sculpted pieces, wittily mounted in reference to their once live counterparts end fate.

The small hand-painted porcelain plaque on each bears various inscriptions making reference to each animal's fictitious date and provenance.

Making up the series are the wild pig and cat, please contact us for more information.