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Nail Nipper
Nail Nipper
Tomoyuki Kobayashi
High carbon steel
The Suwada Manicurist range is the ultimate in manicure and pedicure instruments for professionals and for the public. They believe that grooming tools should be aesthetically pleasing themselves, and bring enjoyment and satisfaction throughout their userís lifetime. The unparalleled sharpness and its jet black gun finish are possible only at Suwada. The range is made of special high carbon steel that is usually encountered only in custom made knives. Blades are finished at a more acute angle than is found in other clippers on the market, for a sharper and more precise cut.

Niigata prefecture is located in the center of the Japan Sea coast of Honshu Island. Throughout their history, Niigata has been a prosperous manufacturing center with a wide array of local industries. It is an industrial area blending both traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern mass production technology to create high quality products.