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Concave Cigar Cutter
Concave Cigar Cutter
Tomoyuki Kobayashi
Stainless Steel
The SUWADA Concave Cigar Cutter functions in a totally new way. It not only cuts off the closed head of the cigar but also carves a cone-shaped chunk out of the end, thereby deploying a larger cutting geometry compared with a straight cut. This enables easy puffing and thus makes it easier for you to enjoy a slow smoke. The distinctive blades all have to be hand finished by skilled craftsmen to achieve the unique cut of the final design.

Niigata prefecture is located in the center of the Japan Sea coast of Honshu Island. Throughout their history, Niigata has been a prosperous manufacturing center with a wide array of local industries. It is an industrial area blending both traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern mass production technology to create high quality products.