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Porcelain Tulip votive
Porcelain Tulip votive
Ted Muehling
Since 1747 the baronial palace of Nymphenburg has been associated with the magical mixture of clay, feldspar and quartz, that unites to form delicate porcelain. From Bustelli’s life-like figurines of the Rococo period, via the innovative designs and craftsmanship of Ponhauser, Auliczek and Gradl, the one unifying theme has always been an acute attention to detail.

New York based Muehling, visionary jewellery designer, has again delved into his imagination and his muse of organic nature, to create not only beautiful shell-like bowls to use at home, but also pieces to adorn the body. Muehling's philosophy is “In this technological age, we can still be charmed and touched by the delicacy of a cup”.